Chuan-Tai Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd was establish in2008.Mainly design a variety of filters、filters and hydraulic-pneumatic spare parts is principal axis. Establish for eight years. Adhere to continuously innovate and principle of management of studying the everlasting management. Concentrate on the promoting of quality and development. Satisfy the different need for customer by creating a better product.

Chuan-Tai Hydraulic is not hesitate to invest in and develop new products.

Self-manufacturing all kinds of oil filter and air hydraulic parts. For provide the customer with a better product. Continuously demand on one’s own on the technique and the quality. Conducts for working hard of iasr few years. Have already been building up good public praise and prestige on the market.

Currently. In addition to the product of our company. Also provide a different specification product to order by providing to make. Which also have product get a patent certification. Hope to provide the customer with a different options. Satisfy the different need for customer. The customer’s trust and satisfaction. It’s the power that we continuously progress. If you give us a chance. Will be able to get your satisfaction with the products. Creating a win-win situation. Innovate to progress together. And everlasting management.

Thanks to everyone’s encouragement and support. Your opinion is the basis for our improvement. We will continue to self-requirement. Give something back to your good care and support to us by good product.